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People Development
    People is the most precious resource, the British sent the importance to staff training and development, and to promote and facilitate employee keep learning, security staff in the professional development of improving professional technology and individual ability. Realize employee and enterprise to grow together.
    According to the position of staff demand and performance status, to provide you the new employees into the company training, to enterprise culture, professional knowledge, job skills and comprehensive quality, and other aspects of the multi-level and personalized internal and external training. The company provided based on employee value, performance and market competitive compensation policy and the salary structure.

Payment Systems
    The English sent to post performance salary to give priority to, DuoZhong distribution form and long-term incentive mechanism coexist salary system. Companies with "external competitive, internal with fairness" as the salary system the basic principle, according to the post responsibility, ability request and the performance of the employee situation to cash salary income, reflect employee value.

Welfare System
    The British sent a perfect social insurance and welfare safeguard system, the company is employee pay "five risks a gold, also offer paid holiday, annual physical examination, traffic subsidy, catering subsidies of diversified benefits package. The company held regularly all sorts of fitness activities, outdoor development activities and welfare tourist fellowship activities.
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