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Description: IMPACT has discovered two series of novel small molecular potent microtubule inhibitors. In comparison with the well-known microtubule inhibitor anti-cancer drug paclitaxel, these compounds are easy to synthesize and with good aqueous solubility.  The clinical candidate IMP3138 has high in vitro activity against various cancer cells and high efficacy in several animal cancer models. IMP3138 is highly active against multidrug-resistant tumor cells including breast cancer and colon cancer cells.

Mechanism:  IMP3138 arrests cancer cells to G2/M phase followed by apoptosis, similar to what have been reported for other known microtubule inhibitors. Similar to colchicine, IMP3138 inhibits tubulin polymerization.

IP:  Two patent applications have been filed for our novel microtubule inhibitors.

Future Plan:  IMP3138 has been selected as a clinical candidate. IND enabling studies have been initiated.

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